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NOTE: The Xbox One may not play the Bluray disc due to an anti-piracy “feature” Microsoft has chosen to install on the device. Sony PS3, PS4 and most other stand alone Bluray players are supported.

As BMX evolved from the 1980’s into the 1990’s, a whole new generation of companies and riders rose to the forefront of the industry, forever changing its future.

Caught up in the fold was a young BMX racer from Louisville, Kentucky named James Menard LeVan. Along with his sister Susie, the pair traversed the ranks of the Midwest racing scene, supported my their Mom’s ragtag track-side business.

After getting bored with pedaling fast around a track, Jimmy transitioned into dirt jumping and street riding, and found himself caught up in the mix as outside corporate companies entered the industry in the mid-90’s.

Using skills learned from years on the racetrack, Jimmy soon found himself at the helm of a new form of street riding – jumping large gaps – which would ultimately elevate him to legend status within the expanding BMX scene.

With the “Midschool” era in full effect at the turn of the century, the industry was soon transformed as new rider-owned companies emerged, including Jimmy’s own brand Metal Bikes.

As the years went on, a string of bad injuries would plague Jimmy as his riding career began to slow down, until a fateful skateboard accident would forever change his world.

Go Fast Pull Up takes a look at Jimmy’s story while stepping through important moments in BMX’s colorful history along the way.

Running time: 105 minutes

Jimmy LeVan
Steve Crandall
John Paul Rogers
Keith Mulligan
Ron Bonner
Susie & Karen LeVan
Robbie Morales
Mat Hoffman
Brian Castillo
Chase Hawk
Garrett Reynolds
Brian Tunney
Sean Burns
Taj Mihelich
Joe Rich
Mike Lausman
Dave Young
Jim Bauer
Bob Scerbo
Steven Hamilton
Darryl Nau
Pat Doherty
Jim Cielencki
Todd Lyons
Chris Moeller
Dave Clymer
Tom Williams
James Shepherd
Dave Kellman
Seth Holton
Thomas Hooper
TJ Lavin
and more

Go Fast Pull Up comes with a square 8″x8″ 76-page professionally printed book. The cover features matte lamination with a spot gloss pass. The inside back cover has a specially designed pocket which holds the disc. Includes a sticker pack from Props, Dig and Vans.

Bonus Sections
– Lost UGP Spaceship ad
– Rescuing the eMac
– Chase Hawk fake ID
– Todd Lyons outtakes
– Britt Walford crutches story
– Seth advertisements
– Susie speed racer
– Teaser trailer
– Full length trailer
– Metal “Faded Glory” full video *Bluray only
– Metal “Dead Bang” full video *Bluray only
– Road Fools 1 full video (digitally re-mastered) *Bluray only
– Road Fools 2 full video *Bluray only
– Transit issue 3 Jimmy interview *Bluray only
– Props Issue 42 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only
– Props Issue 70 Metal Bikes road trip section *Bluray only

Bluray Features
– 1080p interactive motion menu featuring high res photo loop w/music
– Full HD feature and bonus sections
– SD bonus videos sourced from 1st gen digital masters
– Chapter pop-up menus for main feature and full-length bonus videos
– Hidden easter egg full-length video
– Over 7 hours of high quality slow 2-pass H.264-encoded content (DVD 2 hours of SD MPEG2)

NOTE: Blu-ray only. There is not a DVD version.
FOR SALE NOW but shipping on August 3rd 2014
Before the internet, and at the dawn of the personal video camera era in the 1990s, a group of friends from north eastern Wisconsin would find a common bond in BMX freestyle that would take them around the world and back again. This misfit band of brothers would document their skills on bikes, antics and personalities on videotape for all the world to see.

Spanning over a decade, their series of original videos would become to many, the definitive guide of how the BMX lifestyle should be lived. To its fullest, all the way to eleven.

Four mysterious letters, known simply as BACO, would ultimately influence a generation of 20 inch bike riders and beyond.

Box Set Features
- Brand new 80 minute documentary “Push It To 11: The Bits of Baco” shot in 1080p HD and featuring the Baco boyz, 40+ industry friends, riders and BMX icons
- Baco 1 – 10 (the entire Baco video series spanning from 1990-2004)
- Over 11 hours of digital content, sourced from 1st generation masters whenever possible
- High quality H.264 encoding + Dolby Digital professional audio

Box Set Extras
- Jamco music video “Do A Little Walk” re-mastered in 1080p HD from 16mm film negatives
- Making of “Do A Little Walk” featuring interviews with the directors and behind the scenes footage
- Uncut sections, including Chad & Mark on Jerry Springer, Tony Pots & Pans and more
- Baco A Go-Go section from the 2014 Jam in Warrens, WI
- Other sections, including funny stories and never seen before footage
- High quality photo loop with interactive Blu-ray menus
- Deco BMX menu, including 18 additional bonus sections
- A hidden full-length easter egg video which was only ever released on VHS

Collector’s Edition Packaging
- 1 professionally replicated 50GB Blu-ray disc
- 20 page printed booklet with Baco timeline and info
- 5.25″ x 1.375″ #TakeItForBaco sticker
- Viva Elite Blu-ray case w/ printed insert
- Printed outer case sleeve with gold foil stamping
Check out for more info and to order as well as tees, stickers, and the good shit you need...

NOTE: Blu-ray only. There is not a DVD version, as it would take 25 discs to hold all the content.

Update: Check the Defgrip Q&A for more info about the Box Set.

Starting with a carefree road trip in 1998, Props Road Fools tapped into something special when it merged cutting edge riding and legendary personalities together for the first time in a documentary-style BMX film.

With each new release, the series has continued to inspire both new and old generations of riders alike, as people were shown what was possible on a bike and the antics of pro BMX’ers confined to the road.

Now 15 years later (and after countless requests), we’ve assembled the entire Road Fools series for the first time ever into this Special 3-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set.

- Road Fools 1-16 (SD)
- Road Fools 17 & 18 (HD)
- Road Fools Rock-n-Roll Tours 1 & 2 (SD)
- Best Of Road Fools videos 1-4 (SD)
- Stunning 1080p motion menus featuring hundreds of high res photos
- Interactive 1080p day select maps
- Over 35 hours of high quality H.264-encoded content
- Dolby Digital Professional audio
- 15 years of BMX history & progression

Special Features
- A digitally re-mastered Road Fools 1 presented in its native DV format for the first time ever, re-edited with a re-mixed 48kHz soundtrack
- Fresh high-def interviews with the original Road Fools 1 crew members, reflecting on their memories from the trip and how it helped shape BMX in the years that followed
- Road Fools 1 commentary w/ Taj Mihelich, Dave Freimuth and Chris Rye
- Over 150 bonus sections, including new edits and unseen footage
- Easter egg sections

Collector’s Edition Packaging
- 3 professionally replicated Blu-ray discs
- 4 page printed booklet
- Limited-edition Props sticker
- Viva Elite 3 disc Blu-ray case w/ printed insert
- Printed and embossed outer case sleeve
- See more at:

Props Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set
Before the current onset of social media and self video publishing, BMX went through its own sort of DIY renaissance in the mid-to-late 90’s and 2000’s, where riders took the industry into their own hands – doing their own events, their own media, their own bicycle companies – and for the first time on such a level, doing it all really well. For many this is the Golden Era of BMX.



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